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the brief scenes of picturesque paris, including trips to the bucherie and views of quiet cobblestone streets, in ‘julie & julia’ make me nostalgic and momentarily transport me back to la france. i remember lunches of fresh baguette, delicious cheese, fresh confiture, and wine from the vineyard next door. it seems like only earlier today i was strolling down the cours mirabeau with my monoprix shopping bags in hand. looking through albums and re-traveling through the country seemed necessary at this point.


our journey as human beings is not about following a preordained path, but about creating that path. life rarely makes any more sense when things are “in order.” life makes sense when we are centered in our hearts and we let go of resisting how our unique journey needs to unfold in its own beautiful, unruly way.

(500) days

[originally written for shibumi, reposted here, on mine. -s]

in alissa’s finance-induced absence from keeping us regularly entertained through her blog, i know i’m not the only one feeling abandoned and short of distraction. therefore i’ve taken matters into my own, hopefully very capable, hands…and if you show enough love, i could be making a regular appearance.

summer, for me, used to be that three-month long melting of carefree days into ‘crazy’ nights (for lack of a better word to describe high school nights filled with parking lots and harmlessly trespassing on beaches with your best friends), putting off that AP english reading list until, literally, the last hour possible, and okay fine, the occasional work day involving trips to the beach with a brigade of children i spent the whole time frantically counting. but this summer, the summer after college graduation during these tough times, as every other person i talk to never fails to reminds me of, was quite different. to keep things short and simple, the biggest decision of my day became what to eat for each meal, a thought process that, at times, required list making, taking polls of roommates, and assessing the strength of the fire extinguisher underneath the sink. however, there is one thing i did this summer that i recommend you do too.

go see ‘(500) days of summer.’ just do. director, marc webb, has created something definitely worth your time and hard-earned money; i challenge you to find one person who leaves the theatre disappointed. zooey deschanel is ridiculously charming, as usual, and joseph gordon-levitt will impress you with his boy-next-door good looks and charisma, making you simultaneously fall in crush and wonder why he looks so familiar. if that’s not enough, the soundtrack is pretty impressive as well, featuring zooey’s own band, ’she & him,’ the president of france’s wife, carla bruni, and a song that refuses to get out of my head, ’sweet disposition’ by the temper trap. so go enjoy something great.

until next time,


p.s. just because i know you’re looking for another way to spend 4 minutes and 25 seconds looking busy and important at your job, not checking your email to see if someone decided to give you an interview, if any of your friends love you enough to even comment on your facebook status, or whatever else may be on your pressing agenda…might as well visit this link to take a look at a pretty fantastic dance video featuring the above mentioned: click here

i’ve been m.i.a from my blogging position for a disgracefully long time…but now i’m hoping to get back on track and redeem this little guy.

my good friend, alissa, invited me to guest blog on shibumi, which hopefully will become a regular contribution. check out my first ever entry by visiting her blog. (i’ll also add the same post in an entry above this one).

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