lately, i’ve been inexplicably interested in antarctic travel…yes, you read that right. you would think that walking outside in the freezing wisconsin wind would be enough to make anyone dream of warmer climates, but instead, images of icebergs, penguins and parkas fill my head. so, how exactly does one travel to antarctica?

turns out luxury travel company, abercrombie & kent, can make all of my so-called unrealistic dreams a reality. while exploring the company website this afternoon (which has quickly become one of my favorite ways to spend my time…), my heart started to beat faster, my feet began to tap, my mind raced from country to country; i suddenly felt like the room temperature increased 50 degrees and i was wearing one too many articles of clothing. these are the symptoms i usually experience when i get excited about new travel opportunities, and a&k’s website is like my disney world. today what caught my attention were the four travel packages they offer to antarctica. who knew?! check this one out:

…any takers??